Outside & Pool

The house and grounds are completely private and are not overlooked. They are approached a;long a private lane leading to Le Muret and a neighbour's house some distance beyond us. The swimming pool is sited in part of the old walled vegetable garden. It is open to the sun throughout the day and early evening and enjoys the southerly views. It is ten metres by five, and at its deepest point is 1.5 metres. All around the edges it is one metre in depth. Roman steps allow easy access. The pool has a security alarm but small children should nevertheless always be supervised.



The rest of the old vegetable garden is given over to flower beds and lawn.


Altogether the garden is slightly more that two acres and, at the moment, a lot of this space is mown and some is given over to wild flower meadows. Garden games are provided.


The garden is shared with tiny lizards, frogs, swallows (look out for the young birds leaning out of the nests), a barn owl, numerous small songbirds, red legged partridges, hoopoes...

We are occasionally visited by deer, and there are wild boar in the woods in the vallety below. Hedgehogs, toads, rabbits, hares and foxes may all put in an appearance. If you visit in May you will hear frogs calling, and all through the summer the meadow and trees are full of singing crickets and cicada.


The stars by night are magnificent, the Milky way is clearly visible and shooting stars put on nightly shows.

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